11:30 Yezzir Alfa Romeo owner right here!

    Would trade for a Camry tho

    11:52 lol the white guy

    nigga this whole video hella funny

    When I attend the auto show today hopefully I see see that hot bab 9:05

    LA auto show

    Sam, can you do an update motivational video? Spread some of that confidence and such? #Arikuri

    Team No Hesi!

    Anyone know the name of the song at 9:10

    Girl at 8:55 now thats thighTastic ❤❤❤❤

    Charcoal grey yesss the knowssss

    F the cars man , Tha girls were sexier !!!

    Was there Saturday!. Didn't know about the Camry……test drove the Durango though. Great video

    LA auto show…like the music video very much !

    Weres j flex darulo

    LA auto show.

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