Who wants more EDF??

    Sick yes

    It's a low budget game, so I'm not upset about how low tier it looks at all. I like that they've got the size depiction right for the ants. It was something that Insect Armageddon failed to deliver on. The enhanced movement is also a plus in my mind. My only big concerns right now are: 1) Will there still be the massive amount of enemies on screen that we're used to in the standard EDF series, 2) how will the weapon damage vs enemy health scale based on the difficulty, and 3) how is the loot/weapon system handled?

    I'm all for more EDF, so hopefully this development group is able to pull it off.

    Hope it got split screen

    Crackdown 3 watch and learn….I don't see no BS power of the cloud here

    This looks awesome

    This game is so stupid it's great!

    WOW color me surprised a non mainline earth defense force game that actually looks fun. Looks like they learned their lesson from the shitshow that was IA

    shut up….and take my money…

    this would probably be more fun if it was a Starship Troopers game, or at least skinned to look like one. They should make a Starship Troopers game maybe a RTS? The only one I can think of was on PC and it was basically the the fire fight at the FOB where Rico's Teacher/Commanding Officer is killed.

    2018 brings iron rain and 5 I might just get iron rain then instead

    Localize it to PC, you mad men!

    This is about 7 years behind in graphics

    I never thought I'd say that an EDF game looks gorgeous.


    is EDF 5 and EDF iron rain the same

    first 5 second of gameplay already screams "lost planet"…

    HM i like the bland shooting open world but i hate bugs with all of my heart. Is this game for me?

    Finally an EDF with updated graphics! Hope this one will come to PC too

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