Kevin Durant Full Highlights 2017.12.03 at Heat – 24 Pts, 7 Assists in 3 Quarters!

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    KD not trying in the regular season anymore.

    Is KD 6'9" or 7'0"?

    Durant is so good that he can change teams and make it unfair on everybody. I personally lost respect for him, but I wouldn't want to play with Russ either. I just hoped he would go home and team up with John Wall and Beal. That would have been a fun team that actually had to work to get out the East.

    bruhh who seen the between the leg pass zaza made to kevin tht shit was sex

    Shot 50% from the field, had a couple of boards and a steal BUT had 4 turnovers for his 7 dimes. He’s the best in the world and this is literally become a joke to him, but come on KD, keep it clean.

    Kevin durcAnt had to join a 73-9 team just to win a ring lmaooooooo

    Makes it look easy…hurts his optics because he makes it look so easy.

    TMac/Dirk hybrid.

    This dude garbage. His highlights even weak.

    In the thumbnail you can clearly see KD don’t have no wrists.

    durants passing really improved

    They fucking raped us in the third

    The most useless superstar in history

    I just want to let you guys know that St3-1phanie Lurrfraud lost finals MVP to a bench player and shot 0/5 FG in the last 7 minutes game 7 of the 2016 finals LMAO.

    Ooh I'm early

    Them shoes were lit

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