Samba Baby Samba!

    Please, please react to the Youngblood Chronicles (don't worry, it is still music) by Fall Out Boy! It's a 50 minute video. It has a lot of gore, dark themes (murder) and it's sexual sometimes (only once or twice, but even then it's really only shirtless women)- if you're not very comfortable with that, just listen to the 'Save Rock and Roll' album by Fall Out Boy. They're the same thing- the Youngblood Chronicles is just a video with all of the music videos for the album in it, forming a story.

    OMG you need to react to RAINBOW!!!!!!
    Please please please
    Kesha is awesome

    Nicki Minaj in the video instruction???

    Hey, AJayII! What a great video! Please follow me on Instagram, my name is @gramerslux or click here: instagram.com/gramerslux Have a wonderful day, Patricia.


    REACT TO "TINASHE'S ALBUM NIGHTRIDE " please please Nightride by Tinashe
    Nightride: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDsb6zQyCFS5uJjzEFo15c4ovvzvFxh-X

    High Ajay, I would love for you to react to the NIGHTRIDE album by TINASHE, please please, you'll love it Nightride: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDsb6zQyCFS5uJjzEFo15c4ovvzvFxh-X

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