Messa back! AHHHH

    Can you do hero swap – spongebob starting the mighty B ?

    it suppos to go likes this "hiya georigie what a ni-" pulls out a gun then kills IT

    Are the voices from the kids from charle brown ?

    Meesa like this movie! Meesa sees Meesa in the movie! Meesa like this movie more than meesa mum! Meesa back from StarWars! Meesa like this! Meesa don't why meesa sayin Meesa a lot. Meesa doin it again! Aaarrgh!!

    I like where jar jar diapoears and then is right behind them


    OWW …. how wude….

    the thing from the sewer sounds like stich

    I thought I spek was I bet


    This is why he shouldn't be a senator

    Meesa back

    Meesa yo humbel survent

    Fart fart stinks

    That's so funny

    This is legitimately more terrifying than the actual thing

    How is it a hero

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