Is it Permissible to work for an Interest based Bank? – Dr Zakir Naik

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    den Muslims should not do any transactions and jobs in bank as majority banks r run on interest paid by customers .
    if dey do so dey r going against rasool & are not Muslim at all .

    If this is the case then why some scholars say you have to give zakat on the wealth. If the earning is Haram, shouldn't the Zakat be Haram as well if you are giving it from that wealth.

    Suppose a person work in a bank dealing with interest but he is trying to find an option to quit his job and work in a non-bank company, regardless of how much salary he will get from new job. So he accepts the consequences.
    Till he finds a job is he allowed keep working in the bank ?

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    What if its in the IT department in the conventional bank, still Haram ?

    Then don't fucking ask for intrest on your deposit


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