I love how sweet they are.
    Kelsey kept saying sweetest little thing…

    Kelsey and Nikki are so cute together!

    I'm wearing a suit to my wedding as well. /I'm a girl./

    Maybe a pointed pump but other than that Nikki looks hot

    Awww who sweet

    Weird dike

    I didn't know she was gay?

    so cool! so wonderful!


    Am i invited?

    When do you feel like wearing heels?
    – Never! Or like almost never…
    Sometimes at a party… thinking about my last Party with heels

    Why is every comment here horrible? She looks beautiful and happy and that's all that matters.

    they mean who acts more manly

    You look good in A suit

    Is ninik a boy

    you guys are so cute together. This is such a dream wedding. I also want to wear a suit when I finally got married later

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