Huge Boil Break, Cyst, Puss, Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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    You, Sir, are truly inspiring. I wish I could cure your condition. God bless you and sustain you.

    Thanks for sharing!

    My best friend has suffered from this her whole life. I never had a clue how bad this was. She was only finally diagnosed in the last 5-10 years. I wish there was a solution. You are very brave.

    Well done for being brave showing people this

    Wow! Yes you are very brave! I've watched tons of videos and I'm just now seeing this one? I didn't know about this disease? Very proud of you getting on camera showing and sharing about this!

    I feel so sorry fo you I have ulcers that are under compression bandages on 1 leg for 6 years now they won't heal and cellulitis in the other leg but I think what ou have here is more painful than what i have, thanks for sharing you taught me something new 🙂 I hope it gets cleared up soon for you or will it be there for life and how does it start? hope ou don't mind the questions i am really interested thanks 🙂

    I have this condition as well for 15 years and on underwent all of the surgeries for all of my areas that I have and it worked relatively well for the most part. but have had to be on SSDI for it. which makes me sad cuz I worked so hard on my college degree. I'm from Maine and I wish I could find a man companion that would be more understanding of what this condition is and realize that it's not contagious or a sexual disease of any sort. even when I don't have active lesions the scarring can be off-putting and it's just really hard for a girl.

    You are an incredibly brave person to share your medical condition. I hope that the condition has finally resolved itself.

    I've seen and commented on your videos before and once again I have to say how incredibly brave you are! You've shown amazing grace in handling your affliction and I believe many of us could take a lesson from it, including me. Bless you.

    bless you

    poor guy

    I just recently discovered your videos. I have suffered, not as severe case as you. I recently had a huge armpit inflammation and couldn't put my arm down. I was so embarrassed. Had to make up lame excuse about a "workout injury" it lasted that bad 2-3 days.
    Your videos help. Thank you

    hope all is getting better for you.. hugs!!

    Hope your doing much better now. Your attitude is definitely in the right place to promote healing.

    Blessed wishes and prayers this ends for you! Very brave of you to share! Peace and love!

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