>medium high heat

    Nope. You want that pan so hot it calls you daddy.

    Step 4 should have been, "Wash your hands."

    This is not sir-frying. wasted 4 minutes

    How to Stir-Fry: Don't watch this video

    wok overloaded, too much product, this is not stir-frying it is cooking

    very well explained

    great video


    So do this, that, simple stuff… then add secret sauce? who do I kill to acquire secret sauce?

    Suddenly, in the end, a 'flavour sauce'? Wasted 5 mins going through the comments to see if anyone else noticed. Jenp27 did. So what is it? Thanks.

    So is there a total of 1 Cup of chicken broth being used in this recipe?


    stfu lol fagit

    I love stir fry, but if you make it the same way every time, it starts tasting dull and boring. There are many ways to make an awesome stir fry. Just take a random bunch of vegetables from your fridge, like courgettes and peppers and carrots, anything really, then get some meat, seafood, or chicken, and cut everything up. Put oil in a pan, get some onions browning in there, then put the meat, seafood, or chicken in to start off the cooking, then add the vegetables, and… you guessed it, stir. Add some seasoning of your choice, and keep stirring. Odds are it will be delicious.


    Boiling, cooking, but not stir frying!

    OK— maybe SAUTE –but not stir fry..

    You are really steaming the veggies– no way its stir fry !!!!!!

    It was cooking not stir frying.

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