cannot move, if I move my stomach pain gets worser so I cannot walk i got up to get to the bathroom and I feel like I'm going to throw up. And I have school today which sucks and I'm getting my flu shot today. Help me

    Why does stomach ache hurt so much ( I'm trying to type with a stomach ache this hurts so much

    I’m dying…. someone help me.. please…I should’ve have drank you chocolate shake!!!!

    I would hope to have you on a podcast.

    It’s 3 am and I’m up eating gummy because I don’t feel good

    1 tip 4 u…
    Dont eat instant noodle…
    they mess u up BAD.
    well for me

    I Have a True Helping Steps That Work when You are in the Toilet.
    1 : Cover Your Stomach with Your Hand which will Be sweaty from Pain
    2 : Try and Think About Nothing
    3 : Kill the Spider Before it Kills You
    3 Put Your Feet on the Ground.
    4 : Wait Until Your Poo Comes Out.
    5 : Repeat Until You Feel Better.
    100% Working, I Use it all the Time.

    I burped and the pain was gone

    I'm at the toilet dying. Who's with me?

    I am allergic to bananas …

    Is it bad to eat when lying down on your stomache on your bed..? I do it all the time, oh and my name is Mia too xD

    If your stomache hurts on the right side kind of low on the stomsche some what a bit lower on your belly button, Call for your mother or the hospital. English isnt my main language so I dont know what yoy call it but yeah, stay safe guys 🙂

    Who is sending this to their mum cuz they puke alot

    every time i do my business on the toilet my foot starts warming up then i have to dip my hand in a cold bucket of water (i know thats weird)

    Nice how I’ve been having these pains, I go to the doctor, and the dumb ass doctors don’t do shit and say, ITS GROWING PAINS, LIKE NO THEY ARE THE HELL NOT.

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