Thank you so much for this video. If I soak beans overnight, do I have to keep them in the refrigerator or they can be left outside?. I live in a tropical country. Very hot. Thanks in advance.

    don't need to soak beans at all.

    well I did it completely wrong lol

    Thank you for great tips. Usually, I thoroughly wash beans and soak overnight with a heaping tablespoon of crushed garlic in my crockpot. DO NOT ADD SALT. THIS WILL NOT ALLOW BEANS TO SOFTEN. Before leaving for work, I plug it in and let them cook for 5 hours on high with at least an inch of water to cover beans. When I get home, I pour in a jar of Trader Joe's spaghetti sauce. While it heats up again, I chop onions, mushrooms and peppers, and add salt at the very end. Let cook on high for 30 minutes and I have beans for a party, or I freeze portions for the next month or two. Easy, yummy, healthy and cheap. 😉

    i can't get my dried kidney beans soft….i cook them for 10 hoiurs ..i
    soak them and they are still hard…what am i doing wrong

    so, you are teaching a quick soak method that removes all the nutrients and gives you more farts….nice….thanks for nothing

    I used baking powder and it worked

    hii I would like to know can I use white vinger and baking powder

    I like the organic raw apple cidar vinegar & backing soda

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