Nice soil, indeed! Thanks for showing this amazing fruit. I'm Brazilian and grew up surrounded by three of these interesting trees! Miss them. Just sowing lots of greens right now… Almost broke my back, my arms, and hands trying to dig through our rocky soil (in Virginia)! But last year, I planted lots of organic seeds and they grew marvelously well, to my surprise. Winter is lingering way too long this year – so, I am not sure what we'll be able to harvest; and when! Argh! Cold – go away!

    Good luck with your Brazilian grape!

    Hi Jake!… See this technique to greatly increase production. A hug from friends here in Brazil…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr8hW8Lfw4I&t=112s

    You've become my favorite channel this month man, I'm surprised you haven't gotten a bigger subscriber list, you deserve it.

    This is sooo good, Já bu ti ca ba, i miss it

    I love watching your Phoenix garden show.

    Hey Jake! Look for “Acerola”. I don’t know if it has an English name. It is he best juice in my opinion. We have lots of them here in northeast Brazil. They give buckets of fruit every now and then.

    Also, about the pronunciation, don’t worry! I liked so much when you said “carambola” (star fruit).. A little of Portuguese by Americans makes me very happy.

    We have many jabuticaba trees in my fathers farm. They grow kind of slow.. they say around here that it only gives fruit after 10 years. Ours already gives fruit. We have fruits right now… They give more fruits each year! So beautiful. The birds love it.

    This guy…is a total tool.

    How much is the solar panels saving you each month on electricity.? Just curious. I love your shows . Watch them all the time.—Betty

    fix the spelling, its jaboticaba

    Impressive work!

    Just how slow growing it this Jabuticaba Tree? 5-10 years to reach a good height? JJ

    fucking hippy

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