Lift your stop block up so sawdust doesn't build up in front of it. Nice video as they always are !

    nice video. thanks for the simple tutorial. May I make a small recommendation please? If you could show a picture of the finished item first then it would (for me) have made the explanations more easier to follow. But I do like the small bite sized tutorials you do. Makes it s really good for beginners for me. Thank you!

    need to know how you made that small parts holder

    Col U should setup your dust collection to your drill press lease clean up, by the way another excellent video mate.

    Saw the title handles….pffft who can't make handles…?

    But realizing you have a trick for everything. And the parts holder with the slide. I do believe that will be in line.
    Have to say you either muffle your camera or you saws are either do sharp with a micro kerf or they're extremely quiet.
    I guess I haven't seen newer tools worked since…I'm not going to put any numbers to that.

    Another good video Colin … thanks. I'm always interested in symmetry and repeatability. One question though: say I was making handles for a chest and they would be used for lifting it and it's contents. You have short grain at the ends attached to the drawer/whatever. Since you laminated material wouldn't it be worth noting that changing the long grain orientation on the inner layer would increase the strength? Maybe I'm nitpicking as I always appreciate your videos but just something I noticed.

    Always enjoy your content, Colin. I’m eager to see the video on the push sticks.

    Nice and easy . Great stuff Colin

    GREAT handles Colin. I like anything you can do yourself, they always come out better. Thanks

    Way to go Colin, you really got a handle on this one…………. 🙂

    Very nice handles Colin!

    What is thelink to the video for that mag fence on drill press?

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