Never saw any one solder that messy.

    So….you get full off, or full on. You'll never have to yell "TURN IT DOWN" again. Nozzle control….blow up more hoses that way.

    To everyone saying this is useless is wrong. We rent a condo to people on vacation. We don't want them using the hose. We use this and keep the hose locked away.

    I wanna pee

    Loving the out of position soldering, to then 30 seconds later solder a coupling half an inch further up the pipe. I'm also not sure about this as a replacement for a bib tap, just not as convenient. Why bother using an adjustable pipe slice at 3:08, could easily fit a regular slice in there and not have to fiddle with my least favourite tool.

    hmmm? The washer replacement would have been ….. about 10 cents.
    This lame idea cost?
    But it's advertising for the product…..

    A hose bib with a proper shut off is best, but then again most homeowners are morons who don't even bother to shut it off for the winter and then cry when their pipe bursts.

    ugly color. plastic that will get brittle and break. drips near or on the house. lady can hardly insert the plastic thing.

    what a train wreck.

    Nice job

    Imagine if you pay for the plastic piece too….

    He's wearing his Apple Watch wrong. When it's on your right hand, you need to take the bands off and reverse them so the crown is on the left when looking at it. That's how I wear it and your left hand won't get in the way when you push the buttons.

    Haha dude's like "Enough of that, stop spraying my fken camera!"

    interesting design

    hes doing all this work to put on a new spicket but yet that cable job is hideous on the outside. no hose box, not properly grounded why dosent he fix that

    pex instead of solder

    I clicked on "This Old House" expecting to see Bob Villa…

    Worst thing I've ever seen. Poor woman!

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