I almost shit myself when he nonchalantly said “Oh, Harley is an unfuckable ogre”

    "watch me die"

    u should of tried mad dig 257 plutonium its 9 mil scoville

    Damn I gotta get my ass to Montreal asap!

    Anyone else noticed how big of a guy Harley is when they are both filmed from the side?

    Please do Dom Mazetti from BroScience

    So since we got this guy, get L.A. Beast on this shit already!!

    I love Epic Meal Time. Whenever i watch I feel hungry, full and need to take a shit all at the same time.

    Biggest douchebag award goes to…… Yep

    "I have a headache and I'm sick"

    Haha, 15:46 Harley has Sat night all planned out for Sean…

    I want to go to Montreal now

    He looks like Pat Mcnamera. Git you some!

    omg both shows i watch when theres no other good content to watch, too funny

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