Handle With Care: Gillette’s New Assisted Shaving Razor

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    Quantas vezes fiz a barba do meu saudoso pai…

    very nice & thoughtful so thanks.

    My mom just shared this to me…. Dem feels <3

    Great ad delivering a powerful message and a product solution. well done

    where all this invisible onions coming from???

    a very touching ad, deeply moved. who is the Son in this ad

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for showing the emotional role family caregivers play each day. When will the TREO Razor on the market??

    Absolutely brilliant!

    This was just incredible! I’m away from my dad who is in Brazil. I remember him shaving and I was a kid. I would totally do it for my dad. I will always “get” him. Thank you for this beautiful moment, Gillete.

    Beautiful message and genius marketing

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