I Have voted for shuppie hehe #TeamShubble Will Win

    BRING BACK GRACE yea I read that far!

    Hey Shubble~ wouldn't it be great that if you revived Grace, you would revive her other too? It's like she got a twin sister that never get born coz of some reason. Also she won't be lonely coz she has a playmate whenever her parents and big brother aren't around. It's like a heartwarming story behind all of it.

    you should put a chest bye the front door with a sign th at says put cloud pets here so there are no cloud pets in the house. also you should send him to the harmony hollow psychiatrist to ease his urge to destroy and kill.

    you should get divorced though: he has killed and abused people… you should marry someone else.

    Now I have a headcanon of Grace's spirit giving Graser the finger.

    When I got the poster I fangirled the whole day, thank you so much for the best birthday ever!!! P.S. keep making the videos I love them!! #Shubbleforlife

    Bring back Grace please!

    I love the signs around the house XD

    Omg Shelby I love the thumbnail!!!! <3



    5 hours late…


    Stubble I got the poster but I didn't get the bracelet

    Pls divorce u and will

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