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    God of War

    Beck's album "GUERO" is associated with GTA: San Andreas for me. A friend was over and we were playing GTA when it arrived in the mail back in 2005, and I just have memories of driving down the San Andreas highways while pumping that new Beck album. Good vibes.

    Monster hunter worlds didnt look good at all,and the time limit thing sucked

    It kind of saddens me that so many of the Allies seem to be incapable of even entertaining the idea of playing a game unless it has a "story".

    Hm.. no game/topic for me this time (Not gonna replay BotW for several years, even though it has new DLC),
    but still a good talk, good vibes.

    Forgetting Metroid Prime 4 in the HOTTAKE is a crime!

    2:29:53 I hate it when people say games in different genres cannot be compared. I think they don't fully understand what 'comparison' means. The famous saying that apples cannot be compared to oranges is just dumb and ironically there are studies which compare them on biological and chemical levels which actually show there are a lot of similarities between them. Those studies were almost only conducted because of that misleading saying, which is unhealthy to discussion, I feel because people wanted to show how wrong this belief is. Games in different genres can absolutely be compared, at the very least there exist technical points of comparison like resolution and frame-rate and certain graphical properties… But beyond that, talking about the different points each game revolves around is a form of comparison as well, the bottom line can be "I enjoy what this game does better, and maybe I think it's a better decision in this context" etc. Often times people explaining why the comparison is impossible actually end up comparing the two games themselves without realizing.

    i woud love to see a new burnout game !

    Best character in JRPG history ………. Cinnastix

    2:40:43 "Yes go on…"

    L&R ✌

    I just listened to Sonic: The Podcast. That was a trip. CAN recommend!

    If ea don't botch the progression system or put a shit load of lootboxes in it, I think anthem is a contender.

    2010 Hot Pursuit felt like Burnout 3. I loved that game.

    Just replayed Kingdom Hearts 2 last this week (1 a few months ago)… and watched the mandatory youtube recaps / explanation because no one can grasp the entire story just by playing that shit. So I'm caught up as well. 😀

    A song and game that go together for me are the butt rock band Fuel and the game Metal Gear Solid VR missions. I was like 12 when it came out and was obsessed with terrible music (Godsmack, Korn, etc.) Used to listen to the first Fuel album while playing VR missions. Thank God I'm out of my late 90's rap metal phase haha.

    Need for Speed: "Paycheck" hurts my soul. What a waste.

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