U got out coached by a Aaron less packer team Fox pack you're shit take Loggings with u. You had 2 weeks to prepare for our rival an could not be more of a disappointment… see you in Cleveland… with your 9-28 record in two seasons that s a step up for the browns…

    If you were expecting playoffs or even superbowl then that's on you as a fan for unrealistic expectations. Not enough talent for either.

    That challenge was someone who does not understand league rules and cannot use logic. that was a impulse challenge based off of emotion, A good smart coach would have been like no goal line offense lets go, and explained to his team on Monday during film study why you do not reach for the pilon and how lucky we got. Time to go thats why 2 other teams canned you

    It was a blow of a win yesterday but we got seven more games into the season!!!! I will say 10-6 record for the Bear's to end the season hopefully!!!!! Offensive coordinator has to go his plans are to predictable and John Fox will pack his bags early because his head coach job in Chicago is done!!!!!!!

    Sorry but you have to go bye fox

    John Fox's Head Coaching days are far behind him! I was against the hire from day one! We need a innovative thinking Head Coach and Staff! The entire staff needs to be overhauled. When you can't coach players to stop all the stupid penalties something is wrong. I can tell a 15 or 16 yr old to watch the ball and remember the dam snap count. He has lost the third most one score games in the last three seasons. Time will be up on Ryan too if he has this guy coaching this team in 2018!

    Your times up got to go fox….and don't forget to bring loggain alone with you!

    Fox isn't the big problem. The OC called a terrible game. He has good plays but doesn't know which ones to use at what time.

    The Dream coaching squad.

    1.HC John Haurbah or how you spell it

    2. OC Kubiak

    3.DC Vic Fangio

    Tick tock tick tock.. you hear that? It's the countdown before we replace your sorry ass fox

    Not a excuse but reality that you have to leave.

    Sorry Fox but you have to go along with Loggains. Anything you and Loggains say doesn't even matter anymore. Time for you guys to move on

    fox ur a great football guy but that was for sure the last straw. ur done in chicago

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