Where are the booty-shorts?? Emily Blotnick promised me booty shorts, god-dammit.

    2:262:45 is like my favorite part lol

    ouhh miss them, j'aime toujours et encore cette chanson

    You mean jackhammer 😉 otherwise nice song!

    You mean jackhammer 😉 otherwise nice song!

    Emmy blotnik brought me here

    Love them too much! They have been an inspiration to me ❤️

    I think they mean a jackhammer, right? A sledgehammer would be a one-time hard pounding. Jackhammer would be fast, repetitive beats.

    Am here because of Steve Colbert

    pretty sure they meant a JACK HAMMER. wtf. FML.

    this girl on Colbert is terrible.

    camila im cry

    camila im cri

    Almost 4 years old and still a hit

    This was wrote by Meagan trainer did u know that

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