that stingray impressed me

    Pretty awesome comparison… your tone seems a little top and upper mid-heavy but that accentuates a lot of the nuances you don't usually notice otherwise.

    The thing I dislike the most is the whip snare in the 2nd third pick part ;p

    That Rickenbacker has the raunchiest slap sound. Come to think of it, I've probably never heard anyone slap a Rickenbacker before.

    I really don't like the stingray or the Warwick, on any of the tracks here.


    I likes the tone, body and punch from all of them – such different character from each.

    I had no idea a Thunderbird could sound so damn funky!

    JB is my baby, but rickenbacker sounds great too

    Not a bass player but the P bss wins for me, or maybe the rickenbacker, the jazz bass sounds a bit too thin

    I dont know whose is better, but the rickenbacker has such personality that I didn't have idea !!

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