EXCLUSIVE: Amir Khan reveals who his new trainer is ahead of Phil Lo Greco fight

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    cant wait to see the fight especially the moment le greco lands his best punch and khan is standing

    This isn't news , old shit

    I love virgil and his game plan virgil keeps khan career alive i hope khan will do better without virgil good luck to him

    Is his trainer a factor in a fight against the level of opponent?

    everyone says khan is chinny yet no one says anything about ricky hatton…. i wonder why.
    hatton is a legend but he got ko'd the same amount of time as khan by fighters who punch much less harder than canelo, prescott and garcia.
    give the lad some credit ffs
    lets c what people say when khan beats kell brook

    if khan is that chinny how come he's had the success he's had?? someone answer that, if maidana couldn't ko khan that says how decent his chin really is. he doesn't have an iron chin but its so much better than the haters say it is

    Khan win or lose is entertaining.

    Amir knocks him out within 5 rounds..

    Im sick of bill and his fucking sons

    Should be who is amir Khan.. he’s shit and has always been shit safe to say I’ll be betting against him

    Amir Khan has with out failed the worst chin in boxing history he will get ko again glass chin Khan

    his neck has got wider

    He can't train his 12 y/o paper chin. End game.

    Amir by 7th round , Plus anyone know where's the weigh in pre fight + Date PLEASE , I WANNA GO

    Peterson loss shouldn't of counted and khan all the way

    question, why in boxing there's so many divisions and almost every fighter has a belt from different divisions, and you seem to have to be undefeated to make a big impact to your resume, I usually see boxers with 2 loses at most, it's getting too saturated nowadays.

    Anthony Joshua for example….he's an amazing boxer, but when he fights someone he has to show all of his belts as if his belts are all on the line like wtf? in other type of combat is not as saturated with belts like Christmas presents.

    Insha’Allah Amir Khan will win every fight from now on

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