I grew up with my Mom always playing this song. Its a classic.

    someone said that this was never a single but actually it was the flipside of one of the more popular songs from 'yellow brick road'; i know this because i used to play it at the gasworks tavern in toronto


    Sir Elton I bow to you sir…thank you for the music and so much enjoyment over the years.

    Great music i could sit and listen for hours

    Hows are favorite DA!

    FU! OC!

    Harmony & me were pretty Well Company better than the last film investment at least they just ruined my life i dont have a gun I guess someyhing aboutshot to the head! Notyet!!! i guess thats how the US treats polish women after manipulating them o their lowest point cause there witches Geeez us christ NO they just dont like War orSlavery go figure I guess something about A ?azi Holocaust!??????

    I bought the 45 single Bennie & The Jets.  I played the B side and it was this song…HARMONY.  Became my favorite song…so much that I had to buy the lp.  That was a big deal for a kid of 14 in Miami FL.  First LP bought was a double lp…it was like eight bucks.  Never regretted it.  GYBR is pure magic…and nothing better than harmony…even after all these years!

    What a great voice.

    The best Elton John album EVER

    Am I the only man you ever had/ or am I just the last surviving friend that you know?

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