Does anyone know how to get the Master Summoner trophy? I seem to be missing on Guardian.

    $15 bucks for this? Over priced!!!

    Furry dragons crown!!!

    타격감이 아쉽다~;

    it looks like old school arcade game, lots of memories.

    Reminds me of that sega Saturn game, you know which one. I forgot the name, it ended in guardians….

    The lion's name is Leo, but he needs no introduction, as you'll learn from a cutscene in the game.

    Glad to see this series is still going.

    the animation seems awkward

    looks nice, but the animation is a bit stiff.

    Such a waste of ps4 potential.. a game that could been played on 16bit console.. not gonna buy it..

    dusty ray bottoms.

    Kungfu panda the game: Alternative

    not out yet?

    :49 snow and who?

    Looks kinda awesome.

    Looks like the caracthers are bending the elements like the Avatar series

    Bad game

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