DJI SPARK Review – Part 3 – [4 Mile In-Depth Range Test with RC Controller & OTG Cable]

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    How the hell did it land so accurately? Mine usually lands about 15 feet away.

    Nice video. Question, the altitude shows that you were flying around 40 feet all the time which I don't think it's accurate. How would you be confident enough that you could fly it back to home since it's gone so far away with frequent disconnections randomly? Thanks.

    I just ordered my first drome ever! A White DJI Spark fly more combo based on your review videos. I wanted one before I watched but you sold it for me! 2 miles Range with the parabolic reflectors! All the stuff it can do is just awsum! you explained everything really well perfect for my first purchase and can not wait for delivery! Maybe I make some videos of my own.

    hi there, have you tried parrot bebop 2? and if so how was the strong winds with that spark compared to bebop 2 which was able to withstand 35 mph strong wind? thank you

    Hey man, do you leave your wifi from the phone to the controller on while using the OTG? or do you put your phone in airplane mode? thanks

    Any plans on doing a review on inspire 2?

    i get only 500-700 meters range with spark in sweden. using otg 🙁

    Forget about the beeping, your breathing sound was worse

    Hello. is there any modification process?

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