When I hear this it gives me butterflies and shit pains, lol!

    i havent heard this in years.. i got goosebumps from getting flashbacks from blowin up to this song

    addic & America'S

    Alright, put the sheets over the windows. It's about to go down!

    every time (technology)

    everything I heard this song I was usually at peak if yall know what that is xxx

    this still gives the chills. i miss these days

    <3 <3 *

    Why do I still cry over a man that treats me with no respect mom over the abuse No more tears from this woman I'm Audi

    great time when x was gooooddddd!!!! I don't bother now days its garbage but we would have 3 or 4 car loads going to firestone an the park afterwards

    in this song at the time she was 19 so I was 1

    my mom is the girl who sings

    everytime i hear this song, it takes me back.. gives me a feeling of pure xtacy..the best feeling i ever felt in my life. THANK YOU dj trashy

    Oh maaannn, sooo many good memories to this!!

    I miss those days.. start on Thursday ad go through Sunday! sometimes even monday! memory lane! dj trashy was one of the best!

    This is what musical synergy at its finest!
    M. N.

    I'm a techno junky loving dj trashy my favorite dj of all

    FL reprezent…….(back then and still 2day)

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