"circle with a cross through it"
    Jarek is the Zodiac killer!

    Reading through these comments and that one guy is such an obnoxious douche I will say ! I love this video I’ve watched it loads of times now and it hasn’t got old ! Nothing at all wrong with the performance it’s beautiful !

    That was so awesome dude!!!

    I liked the video before watching it

    check his channel "Disturb Reality"

    this is not jarek's official channel.. this is fake

    0:42 reminded me of PigCake slapping his props onto the table

    5:02 What's his name? David Blaine?

    The guy on the left was pretty suspicious of that paperclip when you put it in your pocket.

    2:35 the herman pass was a bit noticeable just from our back side angle which makes it better because we see that it actually works on people

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