I got that skin on hexchest, all I NEED is Galio himself..

    He looks fine in the splash…but in game…good GOD that hairline.

    Here comes the Logan skin ~

    I get a miny-orgasm every time he ults…

    When a statue is a lot hotter then yo

    Still waiting for Tribal Galio

    waaa……… Galio still keeps 3 fingers ????? Fix it Riot !

    He is gonna have ap or ad scaling on skills ?

    The skin is OK, but that Splash Art is so horrible.

    Angel is dat you?

    His face is the only part of the skin I don't like. Other than that, it's a great skin.

    Winged Hussar Galio would look lovely with those wings.

    Htf do you turn dummies into champs? xD

    Before it was an awful skin. Now, it's actually good.

    I don't like this skin.

    it is yasuo best friend now

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