New sub here :).. I love your reactions and thanks for reacting to death note. I hope that you react to "Mirai Nikki"

    Kabaneri of the iron fortress should be your next anime especially if you like attack on titan. I believe it's actually made by the same studio as AOT

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    You guys should watch fate/zero

    Light is Right

    It’s gets really good from now on…

    Have you given up on posting Avatar? or are you just trying to figure out a solution?
    (Some others have made redirects instead of posting on Youtube)

    If you like Death Note, watch Monster after you are finished, if you want. Check it out. It's truly a psychological masterpiece, and in my opinion, even better than Death Note. Oh, and it's 74 episodes…


    Lol you two still think L is going to catch Light.

    New camera looks amazing guys!

    L is letting his emotions control him…… bad idea 🙁

    Could you guys try to react to code geass it very similar to death note pls


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