Danielle Bregoli vs David Dobrik! RiceGum DissTrack Taken DOWN! Logan Paul

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    Danielle could never go up against The vlog squad fam if her life depended on it.

    Ayoooo, what's up logang?! What are you guys up to? 😉

    Holy fuck ive never seen a click bait ass title. They name dropped the fuck outta that title

    “You look like you got a family to take care of witcha old ass… you prolly still a virgin… you should go and get a family like clicks tongue for real” -Woahhvickey 2017

    This channel is like Drama Alert but better because theres no lie in it. And he doesnt pick sides.

    ^then why does he have kids if hes a virgin you unedjucated dropout fuck

    Her mouth is cute but her eyes and personallity is fucking horrid

    3:50.. idk if her eyes are crooked or they put her lashes on sideways

    Ching chong ching chong bitch nya nya nya nya

    We need to exterminate these T H O T S.

    D E P L O Y T H O T P A T R O L .

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