tuff tune

    That's right jamaica people blood are bitter

    bumboclawtt sick

    This is too good

    my blood, shoot a sheriff, uplift Africa…
    that reference to his dad is just perfect, pure artistry. it definitely runs in his blood

    salute mi hear yuh my king up up mi boss

    My blood full of saver
    my blood full of killer
    with a hands of a healer
    that also pull trigger
    my blood….
    my blood full of hero
    my blood full of villain

    Praise YAH The Most High, YHWH Elyon, HalleluYAH, The blood line of Melek David through Solomon, all the way to Yeshua, The Tibes of Yisrael and the true Judah, Yahudah HalleluYAH Selah.

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