I just got mine today. Theres not really any reviews out there on it but its a nice little mod. As a righty, I fire it with my thumb and squonk with my middle finger

    This first review of yours that I've watched. Really nice job. Have you tried 18650s? I just got a bunch of Sonys and I definitely don't need more batteries. Thanks!

    Thanks for the review.

    Great review bro keep up the great work

    how the hell are you Felix, great video

    Thanks for the review Felix. I'm curious how accurate it fires at the max 108w. Have you tested that at all? I know you're not a technical reviewer. I just mean by feel. Like if you hit the same build on another mod at 108w and then switch it to the cut squonk, is the hit just at strong?? That would be great to know. Cheers!

    Thanks for picking this one up bud, I gotta have that 🙂

    Still haven't touched a squanker lol still old skool with me mod and a rda but am getting intreged ain't genner lie hope allgood big man

    I just seen this mod version today.. I thought this mod wasn't even released yet but the sub ohm version is already out that's odd

    Hello Felix what about you post a picture of a right handed thumb firing, so the screen touch the remainder body of your thumb and the thumb is in the firing button, i wonder if it works, thanks.

    Hey felix does that od have any safety features in the chip

    Those Coil Master bottles are just the right firmness. Looks like a decent mod, might have to pick one up.

    Your sound is there and I can hear everything you are saying felix. The sound is like that of someone talking in a small box and some what distant. Please don't see this as a negativity Felix but that of a constructive improvement . I must say I've enjoyed your style of reviewing for quite a while now and also watched your subscription base grow. Long may that continue Felix .

    Hey Felix, love your reviews but you have to sort your sound out man


    Great review Felix!! Those VapeCell Sayno A rewraps r awesome, I have a few of them, Mod is nice, Funny thing is I have 2 of those coilmaster bottles I bought cause great price, now I know this mod excepts them! Might get the mod 4 a beater, $40 more can get Ohmboy's dual batt, I'm a righty so may just get Ohmboy's, Ty 4 showing this Felix!!

    Damn you the only one who reviewed this squonker bro that's great cause it's sold. How much is it on the site.

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