from 2.37 to 4.05,… orgasm

    Somebody on Pitchfork compared Ulrich Schnauss's "Medusa" to this band, can kind of hear it…

    2:37 my life right now

    what my wife played on the way home from the vasectomy

    When this kind of Music rocked the world


    She reminds me of Seline from the Underworld movies.

    her eyes whispers directly to my soul.

    The memories, love it

    Real music

    Me encanta Garbage


    There's only one objective truth, despite this excellent songs philosophic premise that I disagree with… But the problem is there are many bogus perceptions of what is PERCEIVED as the truth. And most are based on DESIRE and not reality, especially now. We think we are in a video game of our own desire and we can view reality based on our DESIRE of the way we would wish it, but true Adults can view it as it is in the light of history and real events. If only anyone would really get that…..

    Toni & Dean were doing Garbage before Shirley Manson had even considered the whole project. Rob Patrick & Filter can acknowledge this as an influence too.


    their best song

    I made the 400,000 view. Sad, this is all. Then again, it's better than being a billion view hack. I love Curve.

    Sounds as fresh today as it did back then 🙂

    Comes at you like a Hellfire missile frosted with icing sugar. Deliciously dangerous.

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