Could congressman’s offer save McCabe’s pension?

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    Good lord, like this guy deserves the tax payers money.

    get the facts gutierzies. don't be a fool just because you HATE Trump. McCabe broke the law. he is gone. You should be too.

    Beats me why a giant democracy like the US does not have a remedy for "Unfair Dismissal". As long as you have money controlling the politics, you will never have justice.

    WTF for? Scumbag is going to prison soon.
    Ask yourself this: How does this guy drive a Porsche?
    What did his wife do with the $700K she got from Hitlary? No way she used it all in a failed election bid.

    Can someone please start a fund to pay for McCabe legal fee he has a great case or great lawyer give him free service after 20yrs he should get his pension

    Mcabe would have to apply for a job and have to pass a FBI investigation…….doubtful with his current record he could pass the Security Test.

    DEMONcRATS LOVE TO PREVENT CRIMINALS FROM RECIEVING PUNISHMENT. It's evils way of reinventing the world so that corruption reigns supreme out in the daylight.

    You better not try to pay him with my tax dollars. He has been fired!! This Hispanic will not bring his third world type thinking to cercomvent justice!!!! He is not upset about the criminal action he is upset about what time of day justice was served!!! Typical Democrat logic. DEMONcRATS Cheat their way into getting around justice!!! They LOVE to set criminals free because they too are evil and revel in it.

    Dumb Dumber and Dumbest CNN AND Dems

    Good luck with that.

    This guy is an idiot

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