That cop deserves to lose his badge. What a asshole.

    Damn. That was so unnecessary. Is there audio?

    Thug cops who make $80,000 a year bully a poor person, arrest him, and then charge him with phony trumped up charges. Typical of the thugs we call the police in America who only protect the 1%.

    LOL, they thought they were out of camera view, that's why they followed him.

    State police were just exercising their brutality rights on the poor

    Great voice

    How dare you pay your fine you sonofabitch!

    The cops turned a 10 dollar fine into a ten thousand dollar lawsuit

    Tough cops cracking down on crime. That's exactly what America needs.
    Not only will you take your beating and like it, but you will vote right-wing again next time.

    Lmao, he paid in pennies?

    Normally the problem is too little change not too much. Mind you, I hope the State pays several thousand dollars in compensation in pennies.

    Firstly, I would be thrilled with an $11.75 parking fine. Ours (Victoria, Australia) range from about $80 -$200+ and we have a state authority to deal with fines. The police have got better things to do. Having said that any of our police officers who had that video as their defence would be suspended and investigated as soon as anyone in authority saw it. These blokes wouldn't last 2 seconds in places like the U.K. either. Have you seen the verbal abuse they get and just laugh it off? It's part of the job and most well trained officers don't react that way. It's disgraceful and if you're that thin skinned you shouldn't be a copper.

    Cops who assault and then falsefy reports should be jailed for the max sentence for both crimes, and barred from public service for life

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