CLIP: President Obama’s Anger Translator (C-SPAN)

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    Irina Shayk at 2:44. Gorgeous as ever

    I never seen anything more beautiful than this

    Ever notice how theres NO republican comedians?! Wtf! Cuz they dont have a normal sense of humor. Nor do their brains function normally. Just a bunch of sick, sadistic fucks.

    Hi 2015, I come from the future. Donald Trump will be your president and throw the entire country into chaos.

    Wow we miss Obama

    No Peele? He must have been High on Pot-enuse

    I miss you, Obama!!! Come backkkkk

    2:22 Raptor fans, where you at?

    I miss Obama so much….

    It's amazing Obama kept a straight face through all that.

    This s what all the white people who wasn't laughing was thinking in they head: ( in my Richard Prior white people vocie) this this is just nonsense, completely inappropriate Sharon don't you agree

    I wish he was my president…

    In hindsight, every single word was a preemptive undermining to a Trump presidency. Pretty sad, being that shook, but I guess if I was about to lose the foothold on unlimited pilfering and embezzling from the American people's wallet… , oh wait, I wouldn't do that, because I'm a Trump supporter!, but I sympathize, anyway, just glad they're gone!

    Back from when our President had a sense of humor….

    Find someone who follows you around with eyes like that.

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