China Told Pakistan To Do Donkey Farming Rather Than CPEC 2018 LOL

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    Title At 0:25 . Pakistan Will Be More Successful in Donkey Farming Rather Than CPEC. What You Say ??

    India is unhappy with cpec, entire Europe is unhappy with cpec, entire world except China is unhappy with cpec.
    So more unhappy the world, more successful is cpec and more happy is Pakistan.

    Insha Allah tala sab kuch thik hoga . lekin agar Allah chahega to hoga na?

    तुम नही सुधरने वाले चीन तुमको गुलाम बनाकर चोदेगा।

    Pakistan do donkey works to China all ways Pakistan Chinese slaves

    Billions of dollars of debts for donkey farming. Can't stop laughing.

    Yeh chutiyo ko kab samaj me ayega ki CPEC will only benefit to China. These tv hosts have very limited knowledge.

    aabe Pakistan ke gadhe.sirf China ne kaha.puri duniya tum log ko suar kehte hai

    Hoho,now they realised that China is it for its own.


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