a worm at 8:00 when he cut the gills

    When you did the zoom in and around the cliff, I was like " whoa that's a cliff" XD

    That's quite the view while fishing. Me gusta

    are you from the house Boton, warden of the north?

    "Be free little guy!"

    Hits rock and dies

    After you cut his gill then you make sure that he's dead 🙁

    Thats not a perch -.-

    I love catch and cook

    And now it is a bonless pizza xD

    Where's the avocado lol

    shit id put a tent on that ledge stay there few days.. get a bunch of beer eat fish everyday till I get sick of it

    I like the cooking and eating part of the videos more than the actual fishing lol

    Dude, I just came across your videos today. I'm interested in fishing but no one ever told me how to do it. Going to start learning it from scratch by myself and I think you are a really cool dude. I really enjoy your content and of course you earned yourself a new subscriber. I really liked your Video where you slept in the hamic in the forest. And please excuse my english, i'm from germany 🙂

    He's cooking on the edge of a cliff, I would never do that.

    Is that dip in his pocket?

    I want to try this too ;-;

    You forgot the avocado

    what a wasteful way to cook and eat the fish.

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