If Pob fixes his laning phase he'll be so much better. I feel like his laning stats are so abysmal in comparison to his team fighting capbilities


    ray saying kogmaw sounds like hes saying 고구마



    IMT communication among them is way better than C9 (IMO)

    Jenson keeps shaking lol

    Clown 9


    Jensen did nothing last fight (not even ult and got soloed 😮

    I see one reason EU lost: Shen is vulnerable to getting wrecked in lane and to giving a gold advantage to his enemy whether or not he roams (unless every roam is successful.)

    PS, why did Febiven go over to H2K? Did Fnatic management replace him or did he leave of his own accord?

    IMT looking so good this season.

    I'm so happy

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