hi sir can i ask? regarding this method can i use this method in mfc j220.? i have this problem about unable to init. 50. do you think i replace sensor like you doing this video? 😉 thanks

    j125 printer is given error msg unable to clean 35 and 50. so please support me

    Hello how i can fix unable to init 4f ? In brother dcp j125 without replacing printhead. Can i clean printhead using water to remove all of old ink in printhead. This method can be work tell me sir ????

    Permisi gan, muncul " Machine error 48 or inite unable 48 on Brother printers J125 solusi nya gmn ya gan tolong ???

    DCP J125 shows "unable to init 4F", what is causing this error and how can I resolve it?

    my printers shown Init 70…what does it means? i tried so many ways but still the screen showed Init 70…

    I´m sorry I don´t understand what you are explaining. I have J125 with Unable to Clean 5A error and I follow your steps but when you have the sensor between your hands i cant see what are you doing – just put them again on theirs place? or you buy a new piece of cable? thank a lot

    My brother mfc j220 is alwaya on unable, print paper jam… What is the problem with it… Tnx

    My language is spanish but I can speak english for you. But if you can not speak english I can use the translate of google
    Can you help me with my Brother Printer? the printer is a brother DCP-J125 and the error is 4f.
    thank you very much from Uruguay south America

    permisi mau tanya, apakah sensor pompanya itu bisa konsleting? soalnya pas saya servis teknisinya bilang sensornya mengalami konslet dan harus diganti. terimakasih

    So, you bought a new sensor and replaced the old or you just clean it?

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