You're not providing jobs in the country but you are throttling it down + you are creating chaos in country by note ban and ill mannered implemented GST and

    You're doing is protecting cows kill everyone who eats them and creating hype out of unachievable and non pocket friendly dreams like bullet train and shitting in other countries every now and then + making people falls in traps

    And your focus point create incident and make it big a deal (specifically hindu muslim issues) because you know the nerve to how to fuck with people's mind from the past what englishmen did devide and rule

    maro sale in police walo ko aur aise sarkar ko… Le lo inki agle chunao me, kam se kam in akao ki… kya hai ye apne hi bhaiyo bahno ko maaro.. bajaye kam karne ke apni kam chori ko chupane ke liye ulta student ko anti national kaho, bhul gayi BJP sarkar….. YE BJP WALO (THIS VC IS BACKED BY RSS) KO ANTI NATIONAL BOLNE KE ALAWA KUCH NAHI AATA… BJP IS ANIT NATIONAL they are spreading mis management and failed completely to do anything excpet causing the chaos everywhere be it demonetization or GST or this..

    RSS kis baat se dara hua hai?

    Fire and shut These bastards Anti-nationals.

    Beti bachoo and un par laathi chalwao…. Acche din

    This is how Everyone is treating student in India. This is reality. Shame on BJP & Modi who is PM of India but Don't have time for student. Remove them on there Post. Sushma swaraj says we make IIT and what about BHU?
    Shame… Non of any student able to file complaint about institute… This is how our education system works… 1000% currupt…

    Isse pata chalta hai RSS ki jadein kitne gahraai tak paith bana chuki hain bharat me. Shame!

    BHU me aise cases pahle bhi hote rhe hai….
    VC ek RSS soch vala person hai,
    jise ladkiyo ki itni freedom pasand nhi hai
    watch this : https://youtu.be/KsEGqKTHI_4

    bhakto ko ab jan lena chahiye BJP ka haramipan

    chutiyapanti h or kuch nhi gndu saale

    Girls are saying "ladkon ko toh mara lekin ladkiyon ko bhi mar rahe the" what the fuck !!!! Every time morden girls are talking about equality and all , and now when they beaten up then they are start crying and saying "hamein kyun maar rahe ho ??" If police will beat only boys then thier is not any issue but if police show them gender equality then they cry !!

    Motherfucker bhu administration shame on you

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