This is my first year growing San Marzano tomatoes, I'll keep you posted. Oh and thank you for all of your tips on gardening. Charleston SC

    great info and great video. I will be growing these this year. thanks.

    Yes! Thanks for promoting San Marzano. The perfect tomato for using in authentic Italian dishes, like this penne w/ fresh tomato sauce: https://youtu.be/2Qum9z9esO0 This recipe was filmed in Italy with Italian tomatoes 🙂

    How many stems are in that one cage?

    my San M's are not as big as yours, they are about 1 forth your size. how come?

    A wonderful video! As an Italian born in Italy 😉 I can confirm San Marzano tomatoes are always the first choice in Italy, especially for fresh tomato sauce recipes like this one: https://youtu.be/2Qum9z9esO0

    Lol take those suckers off

    im growing these this year in Canada which you would guess has a short growing season. I'm having pretty good success with them this year. Some of them are starting to ripen but they seem much smaller then yours at about 2". Could this be the variety? Any suggestions for next year?

    I've been growing tomatoes here in Ohio for a number of years, self taught. Usually I grow Beefsteak, Better Boy, etc. Last year I learned how to can tomatoes but did not care for the taste of the sauce so I am now growing San Marzanos & Romas for the first time. Thanks for your video, I now know what to expect, good job.

    No pruning?

    how do you protect your tomatoes from bats and birds?

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