Hi Doug &Stacy, Hope everything is ok i haven't seen you guys in a few days. I've gotten used to seeing you pop up on my phone everyday and it's going on day 3 started me to worrying hope everything and everyone is ok.

    maybe try a shade tree

    One thing I do know, is that Homestead Homie Honey I got from you was WONDERFUL! Great video Doug, thank you for all that you and Stacy do! <3

    Happy Father's Day Doug.
    BTW…discovered something new about Manuka Honey. It can help cure eczema. I put some on my patch of eczema then wrapped it with cotton gauze and a piece of rubber glove. After just 8 hours the eczema patch was already reduced by 50%.

    Beautiful bunch of bees.

    how often are you checking your hives?


    Hey Doug and Stacy! We just bought acreage and moved " down the road" from you guys. We love this area. We are just starting our homestead and trying to get everything going. We were able to bring our 1 hive of bees with us. We moved them all the way from Oklahoma. they have settled in well and and working like crazy. Love your channel.

    Time to make splits or they will swarm out on you.

    Nice bee handling. Slow and smooth with minimal stress to the bees.

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