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    Кто это? Я уже привык видеть Nanalew.

    Where was this video shot? I'm curious about all the synths on the wall.

    Me and my friend like this song we listened to every time I go to his house

    It feels out of tune here?

    Sounds like their playing in one of their bedrooms. and on crack or something .

    I prefereer studioversion, this sucks. Thank god we have filters and covers

    The voice him is terrible, but the band…

    Those voice cracks are beautiful

    Deffo a studio band, but that does not take away the effort & passion they put in to this great song.

    He sounds like Cookie Monster live


    This song was designed with the expectation of editing it heavily. This is what it sounds like without it lmao.

    828 Thumb downs are fucking retards!

    no marry si

    I like it……….. A lot!!!!

    nearly ….bat not the target!

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