Furthermore it would be useful to boycott their channel, simply clicking their videos, gives them views which in turn generates them more revenue. A helpful tactic would be to block their channel as this would eliminate the chances of clicking links by accident(as long as you are logged in to that account)

    Arsene Wenger was the most influential person in implementing Arsenal's huge success in recent years and as a result helped support the creation of Emirates stadium. In my opinion it should be renamed in his honour. The only people that should be getting 'Out' are 'Arsenalfantv'-ironically named, disrespectful and do not represent the respect that true Arsenal fans have for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal football club.

    Please find this helpful petition:


    At least them twats on arsenal fan tv are happy, unreal how influential they were in all of this Arsene out shite, hope they get a crap manager an completely die as a club!

    Do people really think a shitty youtube chanel with the same 5 bellends ranting every week were the cause of a legendary manager leaving one of the biggest clubs in europe thats supported by hundreds of thousands of fans?? People do really live there lives online these days…

    all AFTV’s fault lol

    Whats not good for the image is 10 years of disgraceful results whilst earning 10mil a year

    I'd like to know how far he wanted the club to slide down before he was gonna leave on his own accord? I mean the only next step would've been battling for survival in the league.

    The fans not filling the stadium got him pushed, simple. He is and always will be a legend but it's time to move on, time for something new and i for one am excited to see what's going to happen.

    All fingers pointing at arsenalfantv.. they're the worst, i mean as a kopite i can see how salty and provocative they're when arsenal lost, different from other fans channels, like redmen tv for example..

    Fan power

    Wise words coming out of a legend's mouth right here.

    Poor guy, but he should have stepped down after 11-13. Had a top squad and didn't win a title.

    More remembered for his humble, intelligent, man management side.

    A shame he was treated like this.

    They didn't question him or drill him when his team lost constantly and played horrible. Don't question him now be did alot for English football let him leave without the disrespect now.


    I would welcome Wenger in United, he is good manager, some people are underestimating his skills.

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