ARIES~ “I’M SORRY I HURT YOU!” ❤️💕 APRIL 15th-30th

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    Virgo women are useless

    No Pisces in my life at all.Only Sagittarius and Gemini

    Aqua and sag???? fresh all the time he loves my energy and positivity

    Yes im.a Taurus dealing with Aries he is my daughter father. We are giving it another try back to him to be with him..i hurt him by moving away but that was bc things weren't clear between us. Now im.ready to give it.a shot
    We miss each other

    Well I am going through this exact story word for word and it’s a damn shame !!!I love this woman so much I have offered her my forgiveness and unconditional love she is my wife and I would die for her she is so confused and all I can do is pray for her to be given clarity!!This woman inspires me so much and I have never loved someone so much. We have a beautiful family together and I miss them so much it hurts I hate all the time that I have missed with them I will never get back!! I will forgive her and I will never mention it never again in know shit happens and who am I to judge I will love her through it because love conquers all and yes her family wants to kill my marriage and it hurts.I am not innocent I have struggled. With drug abuse but I have been clean for a while! Her behavior was so ice cold and ironically she put me out and cut me out in January it was freezing out I froze to death almost. I cried everyday and not one day went by that I didn’t tell her that I loved her but she never told me. This situation has made me into a badass man I will kick some ass quick as shit I’m not about no bullshit and I don’t play around with games no more I don’t care who you are. I am on a straight climb up to the top

    I will never go back to any ex boyfriend never I'm done.

    is there a new relation and marriage with some one pls tell me

    waw it is amazing

    Ur voice heals me don’t know is weird love your voice and reading

    Thank you very much for your reading. I'm cross watching made perfect sense.

    my baby girl 10 month dad is a
    Pisces/Aquarius cusps coming 09-16-2018 is our two yrs anniversary we hurt we forgave we have had our bad and good days but at the end of the day we ask about each other feelings thoughts towards each other life relationship with baby daughter

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