Arctic Monkeys – A Certain Romance – Live at T in the Park 2006 [HD]

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    I come to this specific video when I want to feel nostalgic. I usually end up tearing up lol

    The Black Keys

    3:44 Come on Nena

    i was there and I loved it

    is someone waving a confederate flag in the audience???? wtf

    Alex Turner on the art of writing and his new behavior that explain everything!


    They all had so much energy back then and I personally preferred their appearance. Also this song highlights why Helders is a fucking savage on the drums.

    Old Alex's hairstyle: Cool
    New Alex's hairstyle: Cool
    Old AM music: Cool
    New AM music: Cool
    Can you stfu and enjoy the music?

    11 años de ''Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not'' :'v

    Fucking love the outro of this song. Probably my favorite

    Are we just going to ignore the confederate flag

    Sem um bando de retardado com celular pro alto

    This was my first year at t in the park a great gig

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