it's ok Everly I had my wisdom teeth pulled out it hurt so bad

    YouTube channel and I want to see a picture of you guys are in one of your YouTube channel all together as a family

    Like I said ever looks looks so cute doing everything even sleeping the most and gosh have you seen that

    I would never touch that fire but once I tried to plant I mean do do whatever you guys are doing they kept on doing it and doing it and doing it and so they had to keep on putting it and then we have to keep on doing it until the Fire gets out so

    And whatever his name is because I look so cute together

    Kissing them weird weird weird

    Savannah why did you cut your hair it looks so pretty long and but it looks pretty too right now so it looks so pretty

    Chair light up to sing or dance to see you know what to do any of those things I just said did you learn how to swim I believe she looks so cute swimming and sleeping

    your. welcome

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