Wait so you yourself are Canadian but they aren't doing the promotion for other Canadians? WTF

    I'm not gonna spend a dime on HS until it becomes something more than an aggrofest.

    I'd by 50k coins if it was in my country…

    what % of your audience is US based. this just pisses everyone off

    kys shill

    So many dislikes.
    He even uploaded 3 video's instead of 2 so the spoiled entitled brats wouldnt get upset. Guess it wasent enough.

    they tax amazon coins so unless you buy 500 dollars worth of coins you don't actually get a discount lol

    Fuck all of you idiots who dislike!
    You are getting 2 daily videos + a daily stream, also you dont have to watch this video you retards!

    Being a sponsered video

    He didnt take out one of his two daily videos just to do it

    Not alot of Youtuber do this, so I respect him for doing so… despite being a salty fucker that babyrages going second in arena against a mage

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