oi vey, blitz that was a deadlock, not a petty crime…

    please read the messages (JJ's pictures) u get in the game if u want to complete the game hundred percent

    Blitz didn’t you already play this game

    Blitz you should do the series with facecam

    Please play spider man often

    Awesome work

    Continue this series, it's fun

    Say hurray to more Spidey!

    I kind of wanted you to die sorry it funny

    ЛАЙК. ОБОЖАЮ ЭТУ ИГРУ. Тоже прохожу ее…….У кого какой любимый герой пишите…..?


    Upload Spider-Man videos everyday

    Good to known that you are back

    Blitz are you going to play Spider Ma PS4

    I know it’s a video game but why are the Russians speaking English to each other?

    can you play Spider-Man Edge Of Time please

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